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Japanese Collection
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:: Pencil Sticks ::
Item Name Item no. Price Quantity (Bulk Order Only)
Red Pencil Sticks JP-PEN-34201-RD TBA
Pink Pencil Sticks JP-PEN-34201-PK TBA
Orange Pencil Sticks JP-PEN-34201-OG TBA
Yellow Pencil Sticks JP-PEN-34201-YW TBA
Yellow Green Pencil Sticks JP-PEN-34201-YG TBA
Green Pencil Sticks JP-PEN-34201-GN TBA
Blue Green Pencil Sticks JP-PEN-34201-BG TBA
Blue Pencil Sticks JP-PEN-34201-BU TBA
Pupple Pencil Sticks JP-PEN-34201-PP TBA

:: Fancy Sticks ::
Item Name Item no. Price Quantity (Bulk Order Only)
Rabbit Red Sticks JP-RAB-34311-RD TBA
Rabbit Blue Sticks JP-RAB-34311-BU TBA
Rabbit Green Sticks JP-RAB-34311-GN TBA
Rabbit Yellow Sticks JP-RAB-34311-YW TBA
Rabbit Pink Sticks JP-RAB-34311-PK TBA
Fancy Red Sticks JP-FAN-34306-RD TBA
Fancy Blue Sticks JP-FAN-34306-BU TBA
Fancy Green Sticks JP-FAN-34306-GN TBA
Fancy Orange Sticks JP-FAN-34306-DG TBA
Fancy Pupple Sticks JP-FAN-34306-PP TBA

:: Japanese Taste ::
Item Name Item no. Price Quantity (Bulk Order Only)
Slant Sticks (Black) JP-SLT-35921-BK TBA
Slant Sticks (Red) JP-SLT-35921-RD TBA
Slant Rabbit Sticks (Black) JP-SRB-35921-BK TBA
Slant Rabbit Sticks (Red) JP-SRB-35921-RD TBA
Swirl neck sticks (black) JP-SWN-35974-BK TBA
Swirl neck sticks (brown) JP-SWN-35974-BR TBA
Swirl neck sticks (yellow) JP-SWN-35974-YW TBA
Bamboo Net Sticks (Black) JP-BMN-35901-BK TBA
Bamboo Net Sticks (Red) JP-BMN-35901-RD TBA
Color Neck Sticks (Blue) JP-CLN-35931-BU TBA
Color Neck Sticks (Red) JP-CLN-35931-RD TBA
Grid Sticks (Blue) JP-GRD-35933-BU TBA
Grid Sticks (Red) JP-GRD-35933-RD TBA
Fish Sticks (Blue) JP-FSH-35925-BU TBA
Stripe Sticks (Black) JP-STP-18034-BK TBA
Stripe Sticks (Red) JP-STP-18034-RD TBA
Floral Sticks (Red) JP-FLO-34301-RD TBA
Floral Sticks (Blue) JP-FLO-34301-BU TBA
Floral Sticks (Green) JP-FLO-34301-GN TBA
Floral Sticks (Yellow) JP-FLO-34301-YW TBA
Floral Sticks (Pupple) JP-FLO-34301-PP TBA
Solid Color Sticks (Red) JP-COL-34321-RD TBA
Solid Color Sticks (Blue) JP-COL-34321-BU TBA
Solid Color Sticks (Green) JP-COL-34321-GN TBA
Solid Color Sticks (Yellow) JP-COL-34321-YW TBA
Solid Color Sticks (Tea) JP-COL-34321-TE TBA
Long Wrap Sticks (Pink) JP-LWP-12410-PK TBA
Long Wrap Sticks (Brown) JP-LWP-12410-BR TBA
Long Wrap Sticks (Grey) JP-LWP-12410-GY TBA
Long Wrap Sticks (Beige) JP-LWP-12410-BE TBA
Short Wrap Sticks (Brown) JP-SWP-35923-BR TBA
Short Wrap Sticks (Natural) JP-SWP-35923-NA TBA

:: Komachi ::
Item Name Item no. Price Quantity (Bulk Order Only)
Little Floral Sticks (Red) JP-LFL-68291-RD TBA
Little Floral Sticks (Blue) JP-LFL-68291-BU TBA
Little Floral Sticks (Green) JP-LFL-68291-GN TBA
Little Floral Sticks (Yellow) JP-LFL-68291-YW TBA
Little Floral Sticks (Pupple) JP-LFL-68291-PP TBA












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